War on the board in a fresh style

Divoshi is a game of brutal intellect and savage intuition.

It is essentially an abstract board game. Abstract in the common sense that there is no randomness in its basic version, full information for both players, and the rules are very simple, but their application creates extensive strategical depth.

But it is a war game as well. It was designed to resemble battle, to invoke the feeling of two savage armies clashing together in hand to hand combat, and to preserve the feeling even when you plunge your mind deep into the strategic abstraction. The movements and captures are as straightforward and intuitive as the attacks of fierce warriors. This is a game of battle instinct.
Nobody says that the game can’t be enjoyed by pacifists though. We only say that the theme of battle is very suggestive in this otherwise abstract game.

It is a real-time flash strategy, too. In the online game version, you can choose between the classical turn-based mode, and the real-time one. While the turn-based mode needs your intelect, the real-time mode needs your intelect plus quick reactions.

Divoshi is an innovative game. It may not seem so when you look at the board initial position, which is very similar to chess. Even the goal is the same as in chess – to capture the king. But you’ll forget about chess as soon as you make first few moves. This game is not a chess variant, at least not in the strict sense – be prepared for it.

We, warlike players or chess lovers, deserve more games based on the chess basic archetype. Divoshi is an attempt for such kind of game, which goes a fresh and new way to achieve it.