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The game pieces have their more schematic icon counterparts. See the pieces image if you are unsure what means what in the diagram on the left.
Hint again: The more point-shaped the piece is, the farther it is able to move.

Note the letters on the edge of the board. They mark the board coordinates.
You may wonder why there is a column marked “de” and a row marked “4.5” (instead of just 4). It is so arranged in favor of chess and checkers players. It is customary for the traditional chess 8×8 board to be marked with 1-8 and a-h letters. The Divoshi board is only 7×7, so the markings should have been 1-7 and a-g. But it would be very uneasy for an experienced chess player to start getting used that the board edge is on the g-column and on the 7th row. So the central row and column have a special double-character notation.

Following data are included in the move notation:
-the move number
-the starting letter of the moving piece (S,W,A,R,K)
-the starting square
-the ending square
-the movement type.

An example: 1. Sde2 – de45

It means: “In the first move, the White savage goes from the d-e two square to the d-e four-five.”
When moving savage, the initial ‘s’ letter can be omitted (thus typing only 1.de2-de45 instead of 1.Sde2-de45).

The movement can be of these types:
” Normal
:” Push
x” Capture

For example: 1… g7 : de45 means: “In the first move, the black savage goes from g seven to d-e four-five by pushing.”

The example game could continue like this:

2. g2 : de45, de7 : de45
(See the diagram. Note: there were three consequent pushes on the square de45 right now, so, according to the rule of multiple pushers, the white are now NOT allowed to continue the pushing race by c3 : de45.)
3. c3 x c6, b7 x c6

Special sign: If the king is threatened, “+” sign should be added to signify it.

The game can continue:

4. Rh1 x de45+, Ah8 : de45

Reading: “White rider from h1 captures the savage on de45, threatening the king. Black amazon from h8 goes to de45, pushing the rider.”

You can see that the fight over the center is sometimes intense.

Tactical guide contents
1.Basic principles | 2.Game notation | 3.Tactical techniques | 4.Shield wall

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